Battlefield 2 For PC Torrent Highly Compressed Free Download

Battlefield 2 is an amazing action video game for PC. It relates to the action category and is available as shareware for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Battlefield 2 For PC Highly Compressed is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows. In Battlefield 2 Torrent, players fight on a modern battlefield, using modern weapon systems.

Battlefield 2 For PC Highly Compressed

Players are separated into two opposing teams in Battlefield 2 For PC, depending on the map. However, in Battlefield 2 PC Torrent, the main goal is to diminish the opposing team’s ticket count. If one team’s tickets are sold out, the round’s timer will expire. And what if a team loses control at a certain moment and has no soldiers left alive?

Above all, results from the cooperative mode are not statistically significant for worldwide players. In the Battlefield 2 classes, with prior Battlefield games. Players can choose from a number of different classes. Furthermore, players in Battlefield 2 Torrent can select a class at the start of the game.

The player can select from a variety of maps or places and battle bots in the game. It comes with realistic maps and battlegrounds. To win the game, you must lead your squad and strive to achieve all of the objectives. This game was a big hit with the audience. Now you can download all PC games on pcgames88.

Many of the new gameplay features in this game were created as a result of joint efforts. Improved dynamics, dynamic lighting, and more realistic material are among the features of the new game engine. On June 30, 2014, the official servers were taken down as part of Glue Mobile’s gameplay server closure.

This is an excellent game with a lot of action moments. The action scenes in this game are fantastic, and gamers enjoy themselves while playing it. There are two modes in this game: single-player and multiplayer, and you can play it online.


Battlefield 2 Highly Compressed is a multiplayer video game that may be played on a local area network or over the Internet. There is a single-player mode with three difficulty levels. Both player modes use the same maps and the conquest game mode from Battlefield. In single-player mode, up to 16 computer-controlled players can play[7], while in Internet mode, up to 64 players can play.

The US Marine Corps, the People’s Liberation Army, or the “Middle Eastern Coalition” are all options for players. The expansion packs add new factions to the game, such as the European Union. Promotions allow you to access more weaponry as you progress through the game. Players can improve their worldwide player statistics by playing the game on rated servers. These figures are used to give out promotions and other honors.

Battlefield 2 For PC’s main objective is to cut ticket prices for competing teams. Tickets reflect an army’s ability to consolidate its position on the battlefield; each team has a limited quantity of tickets, and each battlefield accident diminishes the number of available tickets.

The control points on the map are represented by flags and are the most important points on the map. Checkpoints are replay sites in Battlefield 2, and a team that controls a large number of them causes the other teams’ tickets to steadily drop, independent of wins or defeats.

Battlefield 2 For PC Compressed

Some Features of Battlefield 2 For PC Full Version

  • The new ice age setting is amazing.
  • It’s a lot of fun to play with futuristic weapons and vehicles.
  • There are numerous classes to choose from.
  • The shooter of a true thinker.
  • Outclass graphics.
  • Awesome sound quality.
  • I enjoy the tale that the game offers, and the presentation is quite good.
  • It’s a little strange that this was released on the PS2.
  • The multiplayer isn’t overflowing with options, but it’s still entertaining.
  • The controls are a little out of date in this game.
  • The presentation isn’t the most appealing.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7, 10.
  • CPU: Pentium 4 or Better.
  • RAM: 512 MB.
  • Graphics Card: GeForce FX 5700 or higher.
  • Hard Disk: 3 GB.
  • DirectX: 9.0

Battlefield 2 For PC

Some Information about Battlefield 2 Highly Compressed

Name Battlefield 2
Developers DICE
Publishers Electronic Arts
Rating 9.4 out of 10
Genre Action

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How to Download and Install Battlefield 2 Compressed For PC?

  • Download the Battlefield 2 setup file that is given below.
  • Double clicks open and runs as administrator.
  • Extract File using Winrar.
  • After the Extract file installs on your PC it takes time.
  • After installation is complete play and enjoys Battlefield 2 for Free.

Download Here

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